Wisconsin: Home of the Fight Back

There has been much concern trolling about the state of the movement stemming from Wisconsin after Democrats did not fully flip the senate.

Well, I’d like to help deflate that speculation that much more, as someone who feels the pain after canvassing my Wisconsin senate district for Sandy Pasch, and who experienced the bitter disappointment of her loss that night at the Madison Capitol. I even had to break the news to Ed Schultz that she passed on pursuing a recount...

Yet, as discouraging as all this was, the negative pundits and optimistic opponents do not understand the very nature of the movement. More than anything, Wisconsin is about having the fortitude to FIGHT BACK, which is a flame no electoral defeat--or even victory--could extinguish.

Just on the face of it, “only” winning two state senate seats in deep red districts shouldn't sway the principled stance behind the inspiration to activate. And as John Nichols explains, the recalls have struck a serious and substantial blow to the authority of Scott Walker-ism inside the state Capitol. Plus, there is added cause to be optimistic about a recall of Walker, and delight to be had watching him squirm now that he is on the defensive.

But the meaning of Wisconsin’s fight back extends much further. What’s being built there is not only a foundation for the future in Wisconsin, but nationally as well.

“As a dress rehearsal for 2012, Wisconsin will persuade national Dems not to refrain from sharp populist messaging,” explains Greg Sargent. Markos further fleshes out why this is so:

Remember -- these are white working-class districts in the "heartland". These aren't "coastal elites" or brown people, who the media discount as irrelevant. These are the people Democrats lost big time in 2010 leading to huge GOP pickups. A strong populist message brought huge numbers of them back.

The populist class war messaging exposing those who only care about corporate welfare is working. Not only for the democratic party, but on a movement level.

The principled and unwavering stance is the key building block, with the electoral energy extending off of it. The desire to fight back, more than anything else, is driving this shift in Wisconsin.

The flame has absolutley not gone out, as seen in today's sit in for jobs at Paul Ryan’s office. And more unapologetic confrontation will only make it burn brighter.

As the historian Rick Perlstein prescribes, “The Republicans will call it “class warfare.” Let them."

Don’t fear the fight back. Take heed from Wisconsin and history alike, and take it to them.

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