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get the govt out of regulating us to death

I am a small business owner who could explode new hiring by getting the monkey (govt) off my back. They suck the energy and $ out of my business with uselsss regulations and crippling taxes.

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Legalize it.

Legalizing marijuana is making states millions of dollars and can make the country $15 billion a year skeptically, ($50-$100 billion a year optimistically). It creates jobs, brings in money, can be 100% homegrown, effects on tourism, decreased costs on enforcement and imprisonment of so many first-offenders in prison for harmless marijuana.

When considering that it is unofficially legal in many places, the fact that it WILL be legal eventually, and most importantly the fact that there is no scientific, constitutional or health basis for keeping it illegal that can not be applied to alchohol or tobacco or even many over-the-counter drugs which are fully legal.

The only reason it was even made illegal is because rich people couldn't monopolize it.

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Me, because I really understand the problems

here are the problems:

The recent market dips have nothing to do with a "double-dip" recession, they have a lot to do with what happens when AN INCIPIENT DEPRESSION IS IGNORED.  The last three Presidential terms have been a horrifying replay of the economic conditions that caused the crash of 1929.  Just like Coolidge, Truman and Hoover all IGNORED the deepening unemployment and foreclosure crisis, so have Bush Jr. 1, Bush Jr. 2 and Obama terms all refused to consider the debilitating effects of their economic and foreign policy choices on jobs and finances in this country.

Just like Coolidge, Truman and Hoover, the three terms mentioned above chose to embrace THE MARKET as their savior.  They chose to ignore the lessons of history...the ones taught to those in the Weimar Republic that let Hitler sweep in, the ones that let unemployment in America to rise to over 23 percent after the crash of 1929 and the Russian's cynicism of governments that lied by faking official statistics. 

How can we get out of the mess that we are in?  First, we have to understand the mess that we are in.  Our problem is not one of ENTITLEMENTS draining the coffers.  Money spent on social programs doesn't disappear.  It stays in the system and returns to the economy and hence the Treasury.  It nourishes the system despite what hardcore Libertarians, the Koch brothers and right wing plutocrats would like people to believe.  Our real problem as Ellen Brown explains is a MONEY SHORTAGE.  How can that be when the Fed has pumped trillions into our bank accounts as well as those of the foreign banksters? 

It is simple.  The money give to the banksters and the rich is increasingly going offshore or into their pockets.  It returns to the market in dribs and drabs, but mostly it is going into offshore investments and manufacturing.  The same is true of monies spent on WARs.  That money goes to big companies that send most of it offshore.  The same is true of money spent on the police state that has built up.  Many of these POLICE vendors are Israeli and the money goes to their offshore bank accounts.  IN OTHER WORDS, ALL THE MONEY THAT HAS BEEN GIVEN OUT WITH TARP, the wars, Privatization and the other NEOLIBERAL boondoggles has ended up LEAVING the economic system in the USA.  Worse a lot of it has been spent on commodity speculations that have worsened the misery here and abroad.

Now, the Tea Party and Obama push to use austerity measures (mostly on the poor and middle class) will actually make the DEPRESSION worse if employed.  Not only will this money cease to flow into the pockets of the poor and middle class, but it will no longer flow through the economy or the Treasury. THIS MEANS THAT THE DEFICIT WILL GET WORSE, MORE JOBS WILL BE LOST AND THE DEPRESSION WILL DEEPEN.

In a recent article by Ellen Brown, she points out the money shortage issue as well.  I want to note however, that I don't agree with her solution IN ITS IMPLEMENTATION.

So we were told, but the market apparently understands what politicians don’t: the debt deal is a death deal for the economy. 

Reducing government spending by $2.2 trillion over a decade, as Congress just agreed to do, will kill any hopes of economic recovery.  We’re looking at a double-dip recession.  

The figure is actually more than $2.2 trillion.  As Jack Rasmus pointed out on Truthout on August 4th:

Economists estimate the "multiplier" from government spending at about 1.5. That means for every $1 cut in government spending, about $1.5 dollars are taken out of the economy. The first year of cuts are therefore $375 billion to $400 billion in terms of their economic effect. Ironically, that's about equal to the spending increase from Obama's 2009 initial stimulus package. In other words, we are about to extract from the economy - now showing multiple signs of weakening badly - the original spending stimulus of 2009!

As others have pointed out, that magnitude of spending contraction will result in 1.5 million to 2 million more jobs lost. That's also about all the jobs created since the trough of the recession in June 2009. In other words, the job market will be thrown back two years as well.

We’re not moving forward.  We’re moving backward.   The hand-wringing is all about the “debt crisis,” but the national debt is not what has stalled the economy, and the crisis was not created by Social Security or Medicare, which are being set up to take the fall.  It was created by Wall Street, which has squeezed trillions in bailout money from the government and the taxpayers; and by the military, which has squeezed trillions more for an amorphous and unending “War on Terror.”  But the hits are slated to fall on the so-called “entitlements” – a social safety net that we the people are actually entitled to, because we paid for them with taxes. 

The Problem Is Not Debt But a Shrinking Money Supply

The markets are not reacting to a “debt crisis.”  They do not look at charts ten years out.  They look at present indicators of jobs and sales, which have turned persistently negative.  Jobs and sales are both dependent on “demand,” which means getting money into the pockets of consumers; and the money supply today has shrunk. 





Clearly, the solution is to get more money into the American economy and get it running again.   There are two things that have to happen to accomplish that.  One, cuts have to be made to expenditures that will end up offshore in bank accounts and/or stuffed into bank accounts here.  What is needed is to get money FLOWING through the economy.  The one sure way to do that is to create JOBS. These jobs should employ as many Americans as possible in the lower and middle income brackets. 


In order to avoid creating more money that might worse the hyperinflation that is creeping in, we need to REDEPLOY monies in the budget.  We should shut the foreign military bases and bring that money home.  That money can be used on WPA projects here and I have a list.


We need to cut the tax breaks given to large companies like oil companies and redeploy that into investments in new energy technology so that we stop sending our oil money offshore and begin to use newer, cleaner and more DISTRIBUTED energy.  Our grid is a strategic disaster waiting to happen.  We also need to create a program to use new materials to increase the energy efficiency of public buildings and homes.  Not only will this create jobs, it will decrease our dependence on foreign oil and coal by reducing our power needs.


Similarly, companies that get government contracts of any kind MAY NOT BE LOCATED offshore.  They must pay taxes here and hire Americans. 


Taxes have to be raised on the uber rich.  They are the main beneficiaries of the government's idiotic policies (net worth has increased 400 percent during the Bush and Obama years) and are paying only about 15 percent in taxes.  Forcing them to disgorge their money is essential to restoring the integrity of the economic system.  Unless they cough up the money that they have offshore, it won't come back into the economic system.


Finally, we need to restructure the monetary system completely. We do not need to BORROW to issue our own money. We did not do this during colonial times. We are only doing it now because our politicians, with certain exceptions, do not understand the difference between money and credit. It is ludicrous for us to charge ourselves interest on the money that we produce. I encourage everybody to visit and read HR6550 to learn about a new way to make and use money that will be far more stable and less likely to produce the ups and downs that we are currently experiencing.




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Add your suggestion

The Tea Party Republicans are anxious to borrow untold trillions of dollars from the Peoples' Republic of China for their Afghanistan and Iraq military adventures.  This means that the Tea Party Republicans are drinking Chinese tea.  The Tea Party Republicans are also in love with the World Trade Organization, which is nothing more than unwanted Swiss cheese for everyone else.  What country is it that the Tea Party Republicans are citizens of?

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Conscious Shopping Is Critical

Think about where and how your groceries and goods are produced and who benefits.Be willing to pay more to keep more money in communities. I don't want to see an isolationistic backlash--because foreign trade is important to the economic health of the U.S. and the world--but it is time to swing the momentum back to local and rebuild our communities, literally from the ground up, starting with the farmers that are going back to grass roots and growing small-scale crops for markets and local stores. Ask your big grocery stores to carry local products. If they see a demand, they will do it. Your money has a powerful voice. Use it to rebuild jobs starting in your own community. If you haven't done so already, check out your local farmers' market. There's more than just greens there!

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Stop Ameica's Bleeding

Think locally and act locally. Pull back all jobs back from overseas or tax companies to the hilt. Stop work visas. Stop illegal immigration and anchor babies. Stop exporting jobs!

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Ask BP to create new factories to build PV panels in USA

As part of the payment for the worst environmental disaster related to an oil spill in the USA, BP should be required to establish factories in the affected states to build PV panels.  BP is the largest PV panel manufacturer in the world.  Instead of making these in countries where they do not have to pay competitive wages, BP should help create new jobs in the US that replace oil exploration and tourism and in turn help build a renewable energy economy in the US.  

In concert with such measures, President Obama should also be negotiating new trade agreements which dictate elevating wages in other countries so that these people can afford to buy US manufactured goods and services.  US jobs would not migrate overseas when wages become competitive.  Tax incentives not only for hiring but for maintaining US employees in US companies based within the USA should be created.

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Dr. Kari Ann Owen, Ph.D.

I wish to advocate for further employment of the disabled. This sector of humanity, in my personal experience, is filled with enthusiastic and intelligent people ready to launch themselves into full and part time employment. All that is needed is expansion of new technologies, coupled with availability. Companies, particularly small businesses, might need financial support at the beginning to create and stabilize a job package. But a small initial investment produces immense results. Please email me for an explanation of my specific and very positive experiences, as an employed disabled person. Please go to the web site of the nonprofit I direct, which provides services to disabled men, women and children through providing therapeutic horseback riding services. Email: Wildhorse web site:

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clean enery bond offering

We need a massive TVA type project to create solar and wind farms and to connect these to the existing (or upgraded) electrical grid.  This project would create a myriad of jobs.  It would need engineers, electricians, people to physically create this and more types of jobs than I could think of..  This could be funded by bonds which should even make money from selling the electricity.  So this project would create jobs, create electricty, create something for the US to export, and make the US energy independant.  It should make money for the bond holders from the sale of electricity.  By having more people employed, The US would make money from a larger tax base.  If people have jobs, consumer spending would jump, and the housing market would rise.  This needs to be funded by bonds (or other public offerings) since Congress would never authorize this expenditure.

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Robert Greenwald

Brave New Foundation

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Clean Energy

There is nothing more important in our future than clean energy that allows us to produce energy without fossil fuels.  We must start, now, dismantling the fossil energy system, beginning with surface mined coal.  The few coal jobs that may be lost can easily be cross-trained into clean energy jobs.  The installation and running of wind, solar, and geothermal plants will supply thousands of jobs that are safe, sustainable, and environmentally superior to the deep mining jobs and the environmental disaster of surface mining.  Here is where the Government can really help with training opportunities for miners and heavy equipment operators from the coal industry.  

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Clean energy

There is nothing more important in our future than clean energy that allows us to produce energy without fossil fuels.  We must start, now, dismantling the fossil energy system, beginning with surface mined coal.  The few coal jobs that may be lost can easily be cross-trained into clean energy jobs.  The installation and running of wind, solar, and geothermal plants will supply thousands of jobs that are safe, sustainable, and environmentally superior to the deep mining jobs and the environmental disaster of surface mining.  Here is where the Government can really help with training opportunities for miners and heavy equipment operators from the coal industry.  

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Mike Lux

Author, "The Progressive Revolution

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Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm, Swoope, VA

Mr. Salatin is a well known pioneer Organic  farmer who has invented many innovative methods to use natural cycles and processes to improve results and reduce the work and risks of chemical-free farming. He is a philosopher, activist, lecturer, writer and teacher [as well as a working farmer].

His  efforts to promote relocalization of our food production, prevent the regulatory strangulation of small farms, and reunite us to the source of what we eat are all vital to solutions to today's problems.

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Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm, Swoope, VA

Mr. Salatin is a well known pioneer Organic  farmer who has invented many innovative methods to use natural cycles and processes to improve results and reduce the work and risks of chemical-free farming. He is a philosopher, activist, lecturer, writer and teacher [as well as a working farmer].

His  efforts to promote relocalization of our food production, prevent the regulatory strangulation of small farms, and reunite us to the source of what we eat are all vital to solutions to today's problems.

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The Lev Deal clipper ship building program is a major key in remaining the world's leading economic influence,
besides being the long term solution for eliminating our depressing loss-of-jobs recession. The campaign for
our presidency was supposed to be about solving prob limbs. This clipper ship building program, long term jobs
where ever there is water and people need work, will reaffirm our lead er ship on good ship mother earth.

I did not get elected president of USA this last time out, but Barky Obama can see enacted my clipper ship building program, or maybe Obama doesn't have the balls to go against the arrogant labor union barons who front special in trysts; all those American owned Liberian flagged ships whose owners are behind the lobbyists' caches of soft money, Money & Power, opposed to the millions of jobs created because our fleets of merchant sailing ships would carry package cargoes they feel are theirs to freight.

My goal is to build a thousand fleets of strong clipper ships, 10,000 ships, with software controlled fully automatic sails, to carry our exports all over the world. Everything in our stores, made in America, we export. We export Kool-aid, Ivory soap, tooth paste. All the plentiful goods we take for granted in USA: cooking oil, grains, computers, and software, whatever you see for sale on our shelves here, we sell world wide, over there.

When I was 10 years old, fifty-eight years ago,the most famous Russian inventor known to manvwas a USSR fellow named Reguspatoff. Reg US Pat Off. His name was stamped on everything. America leads the world.

Building 10,000 clipper ships, wherever there is water, and people need work, will create, within a few years, 4 million good unskilled, and semi-skilled jobs, leading to even better, fully skilled jobs! Not all of our citizens dream of operating a computer, writing software, and going online. For lots of people, a decent paying job, where they lurn on the job, and can upgrade to semi and fully skilled labor, as carpenters, plumbers, and electricians, using their hands, is for them, a great trade and a dream come true, something thay take with them wherever they go.

College stew dense (dent is singular), will pay reduced tuition, and get their under grad education, while sailing the ships as co-ed crew. So the ships won't cost to operate, even when sailing light, without a cargo. Undergraduate 101 courses are infamous for their giant impersonal lecture halls, with grad students teaching, so course work, programmed in Flash, digitized, on muscular workstation computers, with wireless at sea access to internet, and the school libraries online, or aboard ship on dvd will do just fine, and the students will see the world, and get a genuine lived-on sense of the planet, our good ship mother earth.

The ships will pay for their building, carrying cargo! Some of this shipyard money will come from University Endowments, absent the president's bully pulpit, by Executive Order. Funds might also materialize on Wall Street, with or without federal government backing. The beauty of this job creating program is the jobs are long term for real, and government is not required to make it happen.

How did the Dutch do it a couple three hundred years ago? This is a giant jobs program that will put America back to work!!! This needs to happen for the strength and rejuvenation of our economy.

The 10,000 clipper ship advantage, in a WTO free trading world is clear. We can say to all of our trading partners, world wide, "We welcome all your exports to United States. Our only request (diplomatese for requirement), is that your exported goods come to America on our ships, at negotiated f.o.b charges all the parties can live with."

In the event the world grain markets are depressed, with our export grains going on our clipper ships, we can adjust the shipping charges to protect our farmers.

Certainly WalMart and K-Mart can inform their Chinese suppliers, that their next boatload of shoes and pants are to be loaded on our clipper ship fleet, waiting in their harbor.

When I am president, by Exeutive Order, all the people languishing in jail because of drug violations, related to marijuana, would be pardoned. This clipper ship program needs to be in place so there are potential jobs waiting for these people, too, whether they are pardoned or released after they completed their sentence!

Once upon a time we were a great seafaring nation. We must become a great seafaring nation again. Our clipper fleet should also include 20 non-nuclear submarines, for ocean research, mostly on duty in the shipping corridors where speed boat pirates ply the waters.

The ship's undergrduate crews might also include a few youngsters integrated who are uneducated; kids who were raised in the roughest neighborhoods, and who may have already done time, and may even be paroled to the ship, to learn how to read and write and have a chance at a better life.

The college kids can teach these underpriviledged, gone wrong kids, reading, and writing, and all the basic skills they missed, growing up, before they turned to crime and got caught.

In the event a fleet of twenty clippers around Indonesia, or Somalia is under attack, and there are at least forty speedboats coming, and one of our researchatomic subs is an hour away, these hard knock toughs are my selected crew members who can handle the 50 caliber super high power sniper guns, tow missles, and grenade launchers issued from the Captain's locker. We need not fear any pirates attacking our clippers on the open sea.

Notwithstanding the myriad of independent, small non-union maritime related businesses, sail makers and the like, who will all enjoy excellent, healthy growth from this clipper ship plan, the top heavy democrat party unions will oppose this clipper shipping program because they want the status quo: to keep tight their skilled labor supply and demand, in their prevailing, overpriced skilled labor pool.

One of the reasons for the bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler can be laid on the doorstep backward looking democratic party supporting the bloated unions.

Relative to our labor unions, having been a member in good standing, in the Seafarers International Union, for nearly a decade, best to quote my old shipmate long lost friend, the bots'n Arthur Harrington, of Boston, about the unions, "...used to be in this country, a workin' stiff could say, they give me a job to do, and I stand behind them." Nowadays they say, "They give me a job to do, but I hired them."

Arthur Harrington told me that on the deck of the S.S. Missouri, two days south of the Equator, heading to South Africa, in 1969.

By Executive Order, all the paper used by the federal government, and all the clothing worn by the military, shall be produced from industrial hemp, grown in America. The Reform of our Federal Reserve System, those conservative measures that should at least be looked at, will be presented on another page in this web domain.

I hold the view, in light of the history of our money, that we should have two varieties: one variety, illustrated above, is a Silver Certificate, that should be reproduced on long life hemp paper, especially for redistribution by the ship's crews in the third world, when the crews go ashore to make micro-economic business with the unemployed underpaid masters of hand made goods in the third world country they are visiting.

The other variety of dollar is the dollar as commodity, where a trillian dollars are wire transferred overnight. These dollars should be equally backed, but by Federal Reserve Notes, not silver.

One is a modicum of eggs change, used in the everyday conduce of affairs by the lowly workin' folk who live close to the ground. The other, Federal Reserve Note, is for high wire transfer.

The clipper ship program will enrich the third world peoples, in their own countries, by bringing Silver backed dollars into their poor communities, in exchange for hand made goods to fill out a return ship cargo. Industrial hemp will make available our whole domestic lumber industry for building clipper ships.

Michael Stephen Levinson

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