Lee Camp Clarifies: Corporations Pay Less in Taxes than YOU

Comedian Lee Camp passionately lays out how horrifyingly hilarious our current tax structure is, with corporations seeing record profits while paying less than $10 in taxes per year. Check out his "Moment of Clarity" on it video below:

As he explains, during a time when everyone is being asked to tighten our belts, these "corporations are not tightening their belts, they are buying new, better belts."

Time for us to change that.

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Adopt a Wisconsin Voter

Citizen Action and USAction / True Majority have teamed up on quite a cool campaign.

What you do is declare that you "stand with Wisocnsin", and then sign a petition declaring that:

YES! I will help turn the tide of anti-worker legislation by adopting a Wisconsinite. As a foster-voter, I'll call and email my adopted voter and make sure they know how disastrous Scott Walker's budget is for the country.

After you sign they specify that...

We need you to connect with your adoptee person-to-person, one relationship at a time. You'll be responsible for calling and emailing them to tell them why Gov. Walker's budget is not only bad for Wisconsin -- it's bad for workers and bad for America.

With eyes still focused on Wisconsin and people nation wide trying to figure out the best ways to fight the War on Workers, especially on the war's ground zero in Wisconsin, I could see this catching on. 

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Forward Blitz Blog Talk Radio

The debate rages…Obama in 2012 or should he be challenged? Is this the year of the Third Party candidate? Throughout this country the discussion
is on everyone's lips. Sallie Elkordy, former candidate for Governor of New York thinks she has found the key.

Last week, Ms. Elkordy erected a Facebook Event page requesting support for a Cynthia McKinney - Cindy Sheehan ticket in the Presidential race, generating more than a little dis...cussion.

Also last week, on the heels of this request, Mr. Paul Barrow, of United Progressives announced on our show the formation of a committee to search and locate fellow Progressives to run for office. This committee is home to many Progressive notables including David Swanson, Joe Klein, Cornell West, and…Cindy Sheehan.

On tonight's show, we will give Sallie Elkordy the microphone and ask her to tell us just where Cynthia McKinney and Cindy Sheehan actually stand in all of this and how she envisions the 2012 elections shaping up. You might be surprised at what transpires on this show.

If you have questions or thoughts on the state of the nation or the consequences we face by stepping outside of the box in 2012 - now is your chance to make your stand.




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From the President and Founder - We Can Take It, Inc.

Our economy is destroying the planet's natural support systems and we are liquidating the earth's natural assets to fuel our consumption. 

Take Action: contact Congress directly @ 202 224 3121...

Tell them to co sponsor Ms Marcy Kaptur's - HR494 - the 21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps Act is a shovel-ready national service, run by the public sector. 

Young citizens Veterans get the opportunity to mature and learn the conservation and work ethic!
FMI: www.wecantakeit.org

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Wisconsin Voting Shenanigans

I'm still reeling from the Supreme Court race, and the 7,500 votes that were all of a sudden found by an incredulous character in a dubious "database error" that couldn't possibly be more convenient...or free from oversight.

Here's how a co-worker of of this Waukersha county clerk thrust into the lime light puts it:

She was not only incompetent, but also a fierce right-to-lifer and archconservative. If you said to her, ‘I really like hot fudge sundaes’, her reply would be, ‘We really have to stop abortions.’ Her testifying in the caucus scandal notwithstanding, this casts considerable doubt on her integrity. She knew damn well that what she was doing for the caucuses was against the law, (later) immunity not withstanding.”

He says he is very, very afraid now because the questions about her integrity are extremely frightening to him. “The fact the the entire county’s election data is on a single PC with no backup demonstrates her incompetence.” He remembers being in a meeting with the chief of their IT shop and hearing about the stuff she was doing, and he told the boss, “We could really get caught with our pants down. This is NOT an acceptable way of doing this stuff.”

Fortunately, I'm happy to report that there is already a Wisconsin rally in the works to protect voting rights, and organizers are preparing to help out with and monitor the recount.


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Since when did public servants begin misbehaving (and getting paid like) exiled kings, and Hollywood moguls.  Why can't a constituent like me get face-to-face time with my public officers (i.e., city councilman, city council speaker, state assemblyman, state senator, public advocate Bill De Blasio, et al)?  When did public service cross over to private wealth and self-enrichment?  Public service jobs were never coveted and lorded over the way they are currently.  It is, and always has been, 'WE THE PEOPLE,' 'BY THE PEOPLE.'  How did our nation allow four deadly C's to destroy our collective workforce:  Corporate greed, Corporate wage slavery, Corporate outsourcing (for more than four decades), and Corporate welfare?  I have long ago lost my illusion of corporate, government, media and journalistic integrity, accountability, ethics, policy enforcement and social contract, but the crushing weight of entrenched corruption, power, greed, avarice and its unified demand for social engineering, conformity, subjugation and mind control has systematically destroyed all chance and expectation for freedom, democracy, human decency, compassion and standards in accountability.  Our government is 300% fake and failed, and laden with corrupt, dishonest, disloyal, dishonorable dictators and sadistic, deadbeat, hustling sociopaths.  They don't say what they mean; they don't mean what they say.  It's a failed experiment in sociopathy.  The digital age has doomed job growth, and the unvarnished truth is that all jobseekers currently exceed the number of earthly positions available.  Outsourcing destroyed our nation from within, and abroad.  The time has come:  Revolution must prevail!



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There is a PROFOUND CRISIS in national, regional and global leadership--ETHICAL LEADERSHIP--regarding American corporations, American government, and the unprecedented silence and complicity employed and engineered by propanda and yellow journalism disseminated by hyperliberal American media conglomerates.  And resting all too comfortably and cavalierly atop this behemoth of a PYRAMID/MONEY LAUNDERING SCHEME are politicians, whose doublecrossing allegiances to Wall Street, big banks, (Obama), big box industries (Wal Mart, K-Mart), special interests (corrupt, duplicitous lobbyists) are devolving American middle class society, and earned and deserved standards of living, faster than any natural disaster can destroy manking.  Likewise, we are devolving ourselves by complicitly accepting and condoning dishonest, disloyal and dishonorable mistreatment by a scourge of venemous, political deadbeats who would not take the collective time to spit on our unified graves!

Rapacious, vile and predatory politicians are not your friends, ladies  and gentlemen.  They are the epitome of quintessential class-A narcissists:  Arrogant, deceiptful, manipulative, greedly, selfish, cowardly and monstrously self-serving.  the lie EASIER than they BREATHE, as they ruthlessly, shamelessly and effortlessly steal decades of earned entitlements from union workers and the fractured working class that were fairly and lawfully negotiated in good faith through Collective Bargaining.  Private splendor versus public squalor has never worked for me, and it should never be tolerated, even in the narrowist of senses, by a hardworking and sacrificing American workforce.  That is what Collective Bargaining represents--ethics and fair labor practices--and why it has always worked with great success.  It is not, not has it ever been Collective Begging!

The core reason for why there is rampant beggary, obscurity, quiet desperation, hopelessness and millions in countrywide job loss is because of a neverending supply of fake and failed leadership, who refuse to lead by example and personal/professional sacrifice (and We The People have stopped demanding it), choosing instead to MISLEAD by privilege, splendor and unjust enrichment.  Moreover, as the collective scourge of dishonest, dishonorable and disloyal Republican and Democratic anarchists (and their coattail-riding henchmen) continue to unionbust, abrogate and rescind our lawful rights to Collective Bargaining (as it decimates our standards of living in the process), NOT A SINGLE WORD uttered from the gilded corridors of power regarding shared sacrifice, and serious pay reductions from the Philistines of City Hall (Bloomberg's corrupt and illegal empire), Albany (Cuomo's weak and ineffective facade), Washington (Obama's fake and failed leadership), Wall Street (Goldman Sachs, et al), corrupt BANKSTERS, and Wisconsin's pitifully confused governor, Scott Walker. 

Ironically, the intensely incompetent "machers" who were instrumental in causing fiscal collapse are now rewarded for their epic failure.  The revolution is upon us RIGHT NOW, AMERICAN FREEDOM FIGHTERS, and right now there is HELL on EARTH.  We must reign in HELL.  Force corrupt and useless politicians to serve in HEAVEN!



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Keep corporate dollars out of politics!

We need to change how elections sre financed. Corporate dollars should be excluded or limited to no more than $1,000 a year for any candidate,

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we need jobs

Tax the RICH MORE and have a tax break for hiring U.S. citizens and for using the earth's resources in an environmentally sustainable way and get rid of all other tax breaks for the RICH, so that if the RICH do not want to pay taxes all they need to do is hire a lot of U.S. citizens and use the earth's resoures wisely.

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