After the Democratic Party's "Sell-Out" of Dodd Frank & Budget, We need a NEW Party

The passing this "budget" bill, which the GOPTP slid in at the last minute, a clause which undid the Consumer Protections in Dodd Frank, which was THEN PASSED with participation of the Democrats IS the last straw for this Liberal Democrat.

The time for a NEW party has come, and I'm thinking "The Labor Party!". and this is why.

Labor already has the infrastructure, we won't have to go in as interlopers and try to take over a party (Like the Tea Party has w/ GOP). Labor, Unions were intrinsic in securing; the 40 hr week, weekends off, overtime pay, paid sick leave & vacation, etc., which is a large part of what we are all trying to get back!

The American work force ism, once again, trying to secure decent wages, some modicum of loyalty and respect from our employers all WHILE battling Wall Street and the 1%.

Sounds suspiciously akin to what the Labor movement did back in the 30's and 40's through the WPA & WW II creating the most productive workforce in American history from the mid 40's until Reagan broke the Air Traffic Controllers union. Up until Ronnie's attack on a bunch of overworked and stressed out Air Traffic Controllers, Labor & Unions had created the largest Middle Class in the world!

I'm finished with voting for Democrats and hoping they'll behave as Democrats, not the GOPTP. I will no longer vote for the "lesser of two evils" rather than a candidate I trust.

We need a clear, viable choice to represent the 99%! I happen to think with Labor, we can help create the types of jobs needed while putting "we the people" back into everyday thought.

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Lobby for the people

there are a couple of songs in the link below that we would like to add to your documentary. Both can be downloaded from sound cloud.

"Lobby For the people" via http://soundcloud.com/99percentpickers/lobby-for-the-people

Our previous song "They're all Bought and Paid For" is at the same site,   http://soundcloud.com/99percentpickers/theyre-all-bought-and-paid-for
and the video for that tune is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AvTBp5geP4 …

Please check them out

thanks much!

99% pickers

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New HBO Documentary on 99ers

Yvonne Fitzner in HBO documentary on 99ers

HBO's 'Hard Times' is a documentary that follows four Long Island families who have had layoffs lead to dire economic straits.

Job Party ally and 99er Yvonne Fitzner of Stop Fox (in the photo above) has been featured extensively in the promotional materials, such as this New York Daily News article.

If you have HBO (alas most 99ers do not) make sure to check it out, and spread the word!

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freedom and prosperity

Best way to unleash the God given power we have been blessed with is to return to God, lower taxes, get rid of crippling regulations, down size govt. to it's Constitutional role. God gave us rights not man (govt.) so lets expand freedom and watch America be blesses again.

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hey all I'm speaking out

this is my message: fight!

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in response to anonymous guest

on one item of his/her responce I agree the we need to lower the hours worked but receive a livable wage. Where I take issue is in what type of jobs we create, The Right Wing wants to make jobs using the same old poluting fossil fuels.

I believe that contrary to what the fossil fuel industry says. Green technology is here and very viable. 

There are many new technologies. Here are a few ways which I think can be promoted with education and proper use.

.1- Take a city like New York, buying food and getting it transported to the citizens is very expensive. How about building a farm in a skyscraper style. for years people have een growing illeagle marijawana in hollowed out houses, if they can do that imagine the jos that could be created and  people fed with a series of vertical farms.Can you take a guess at how many jos it would create in the building of these vertical farms, then the opperation and farming of said program

2-Lets use our oceans,  They can be used to supply Tidal and Wind Turibne energy, also lets take a look at what Japan was getting ready to do before the terrible catastrophy that happend to their country. They were going to build a city right in Tokyo Bay. All Engineerining and Architechuals as well as Government inspecters have validated this program, If Japan can do it we americans are well equiped to do it also. Jobs, jobs,jobs we are almost completely surrounded by oceans

3- As far a Solar Power goes , yes we have a battery Problem but if all the homes in the US were to have solar Panels installed on them the only time we would be using any fossil fuels would be during the dark. Imagin how many jogs this could create in manufacturing, instalation, and maintainence, this alone would create. There have also een other developments in that field, such as A Florida University that has developed what might be called the "Solar Window" this is a compoud that is sprayed on your windows ans sunlight activates the power to run your home, it also has a secondary property as dark approaches the lights inside your home keep this power working. Again only using the Grid in the middle of the night when all of your lights are shut off. Then there is a project called the LEAF, it is called this because like a leaf ona tree it converts sunlight into hydrogen and oxygen for creating hydrogen fuel cells. This was developed by MIT but is going to e sold only to 3rd world countries ecause the US is addited to OIL. This creates many more jobs in the big three manufacturing, instalation and maintainence.

4- then there are the infrastructure jobs, we all know our roads, ridges and tunnels are at their end time and very dangerous.

5- Reuild our railroads, and place stragic hight spead rail to important hu cities in the country. in the end lowering the cost of travel. again, JObs,Jobs,jobs

6- Let us not forget the Petorleium industry. Look around your home, can uoui guess what I am going to say? almost eerything in out houses is made of plastic. If they use their industry to help uild cities on the ocean, and continue to supply the plastic which is made from oil everyone wins/

I could go on ut I think you get the message. America is alive and well. just do not send these jos overseas.

Our problems are from crooked banks and Wall street, as well as outsourcing. WE can win this battle we just need to organize and force these changes.

God Bless our Country

Mrs. Jiullian Lei Nasino-Coleman.

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20-hour work week

Dear Job Party,

As a liberal and a progressive, I cannot support your proposal for solving the unemployment problem by creating 15 million new jobs.

If this is surprising, let me add that I am also very concerned about the environment.  This leads me to believe we already have too many jobs that use too much energy and non-renewable resources (1.5 times the sustainable level globally, according to some sources) and result in way too much consumption.

That means the only long-term, sustainable, socially just solution to the unemployment problem is a reduction in the supply of labor through a significant reduction in working hours on global scale.

In the 1930’s we went from 60 hours to 40 hours and made child labor illegal.  The Middle Class got created in the U.S. and a long period of prosperity followed.

Since then, we had a huge increase in productivity due to automation and information technology.   There are now 5 billion working-age people on this planet.  “Growing” the world economy at the rate needed to provide 5 billion people with a 40-hour/week job and the level of consumption considered the norm in the so-called developed countries would be an environmental collective suicide.

 It is time to reduce the working hours again down to 30 or even 20 hours per week.

I will not support any politician or political party whose solution to the unemployment relies on economic growth and creation of new jobs.

Thank you for listening.

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Ask the Republicans How Many Jobs They Created Today

I think we should all call each republican house and senate member and the democrats who voted against the Jobs Bill every day and ask them how many jobs they created today.  If we all do it every day, maybe they will hear us.  John Boehner said his caucus is following what they hear from Americans.  If that is the case, they clearly aren't hearing us.  Perhaps if each one of us calls each of their offices every day, they will have to hear us. 

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Destroying the Postal Service in Order to Save It?

Chuck Zlatkin Speaks Out in this guest post. Zlatkin is the Legislative and Political Director of the New York Metro Area Postal Union, the largest local of the American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO.

The big lie seems to be working.  Most Americans now believe that the U.S. Postal Service is on the verge of a financial collapse.  The explanation seems logical: email, too many post offices, unnecessary six-day delivery, overpaid and underproductive workers.  Unfortunately, these are half-truths, misinformation or outright lies. 

It is true that the nature of mail has changed because of the Internet but it is also true that three biggest years in volume in the 236-year history of the Postal Service were 2005, 2006 and 2007, well into the Internet era.  The bigger impact upon the Postal Service was the financial collapse of 2008.  

But the root cause of the financial distress that the Postal Service is going through is overwhelmingly caused by Congressional mandates that were imposed upon the Postal Service. Congress passed the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA), which was signed into law by President G.W. Bush on December 20, 2006. Under the guise of modernizing the Postal Service for the 21st Century, it actually doomed the Postal Service.  If not for the PAEA, the Postal Service would be functioning fine even with the impact of email and the financial collapse of 2008.

One of the provisions of the PAEA was to mandate that the Postal Service fully pre-fund future retiree health benefits for the next 75 years, and to do it within a ten-year window.  This means that the Postal Service is required to send to the U. S. Treasury $5.5 billion each September 30.  Remember, this is to pay for the future retirement health benefits of people who haven’t even been born yet.  The Postal Service is the only entity that is mandated by law to do this.  No government agency, corporation or organization is required to fully pre-fund future retirees’ health benefits.

But that is not the worst of it.  Both the Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) and the independent Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) commissioned audits to look into possible overpayments that the Postal Service has made into the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS).   Both audits show that the Postal Service has overpaid at least $50 billion into the pension fund over the years.

There is a piece of legislation, H.R. 1351, introduced by Stephen Lynch (D-MA), which now has 183 co-sponsors, which calls upon the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to do an audit to determine the definitive amount of the overpayments to CSRS and transfer that amount to the future retirees’ health care funding.  Basically, it is a bookkeeping adjustment that saves the Postal Service billions and does not cost American taxpayers any money at all.

What also isn’t being told to the American public is that the Postal Service workforce has been reduced by over 100,000 workers in the past four years through attrition and that the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) and the United States Postal Service (USPS) negotiated and signed a 4 ½-year collective bargaining agreement in May of this year.  The agreement, which was hailed by Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, saved the USPS $4 billion in labor costs over the life of the contract.  In exchange for the givebacks, including the creation of a lower-tier (non-career) category of worker, no pay increases for two years, postponement of cost-of-living adjustments, the union won an extension of its no-layoff clause.

Within three months Postmaster Donahoe was calling upon Congress to pass laws to gut the new contract enabling him to layoff 120,000 workers.  Nothing has changed between May when Donahoe signed the contract, and August when he made his frantic call to Congress.  Enter Darrell Issa.   Representative Issa (Rep-CA) is the chair of the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee.  After the contract had been negotiated, and while members of the APWU were voting either up or down on it via a mail ballot, Issa called hearings on the contract before his committee.  During that hearing Postmaster Donahoe was called out by Issa and Representative Dennis Ross (FL) on his negotiations.
Since that time Donahoe has abandoned any pretense of honoring the contract, or fulfilling his responsibilities to the American people who depend upon the Postal Service.

One clear action that needs to be taken is for Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe to tender his resignation.  If he doesn’t, he should be fired. It would also be wise to institute a complete investigation into the unprecedented retirement package his predecessor John E. Potter received.  Their legacy has been a damaging one.

Cutting back on service by reducing delivery, closing post offices and mail processing facilities will damage the ability of the Postal Service to carry out its mandate for universal service.  To the people who most depend upon the Postal Service: the elderly, the disabled, the poor, and small business owners, it will be devastating.  The impact on a local community when a post office is closed is only negative.

Mail and package delivery will still have to take place if the Postal Service fails.  It will take place by a privatized system that does not employ union workers making a living wage and it will not provide universal service to those who need the Postal Service the most. What is taking place is a kind of “wisconsining” of the Postal Service, an excuse to break postal unions and siphon off the profitable aspects of mail delivery to private enterprise and demanding that those most in need sacrifice again.

The saddest part of all of this is that is doesn’t have to happen.  It would help to start by telling the truth about the financial crisis.  After that was done it would be easy to remedy the problem. What is needed is for President Obama and Congress to do their jobs on behalf of the American people by lifting the suffocating Congressional mandates that have prevented the Postal Service from doing its job.  Pass and sign H.R.1351 and then you won’t have to close 3700 post offices, cut back in delivery, close hundreds of mail processing facilities and lay off 120,000 workers. 

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Voices from Wisconsinites Gearing Up to GOTV

Amidst a reflective time at the We Are Wisconsin picnic kicking off the final (and biggest) weekend to get out the vote in anticipation of the recalls, I asked attendees--including a series of Wisconsin political officials--why they were there.

Check out their video responses below (ht John Quinlan for targeting potential participants), and help GOTV from the ground or from afar!

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