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This is an EXCELLENT idea, and something my under-employed
brother could do. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, but he
can’t really get Sociology-related jobs in our state (Calif). because
he’s not bilingual enough (he does speak enough Spanish to get by,
though). He also has a good personality, and would cheer the
patients right up! Many others could do this type of work, too.

This type of work could help my brother get out of debt, which
he incurred by helping out our family due to medical expenses.
He lost his Special Ed. teaching job back in July, 2006, because
of the No Child Left Behind act. He received many great evaluations
for his work with the moderate to severely disabled kids he served,
(for a number of years), but he was now considered “unqualified”
under No Child because he was still working on his credential,
while he taught under Special Instruction Permits. And he needed
to pass a stupid test called CSET, which had NOTHING to do with
any knowledge he needed to be a good teacher for his kids.
So, no full credential plus no CSET passage meant: “unqualified”…..
no matter how much good he’d done for his students.

One other thing: There needs to be jobs created where your Credit
Score won’t disqualify you from getting hired. My brother had
EXCELLENT credit for many years, until the job loss and all the
medical expenses our family has incurred. Now that he is
under-employed, he can’t get ahead to fix up his rating; and he
can’t even get a lot of new jobs because of that credit score.
I only get SSI right now because I’ve been sick, and the amount
isn’t all that much….so we pool our resources together and
we sure could use a hand….a job for my brother like Nursing
Home Helper would be a great start. Hope it comes to pass, SOON!!
S.D. in Downey, CA

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