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Thanks for checking out the @jobparty! Help us create 15 million jobs now. #p2 http://www.jobparty.us/contact?recruiter_id=3333
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Thanks for checking out the @jobparty! Help us create 15 million jobs now. #p2
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Got on your page last week. How does organization feel about President Carter’s 2005 commission on Voting re the 80 or so suggestions to include Voter ID? Also what about Detroit’s Mayor Dave Ding and Head of Schools Robert Bood re teacher contract subject on health care costs, etc.

Will enjoy all of your future activities.

Our donations are done annually after September so “JP” will be on the list of consideration. Alan
commented 2011-04-04 17:59:29 -0400
I appreciate what you’re doing. If you or another progressive organization would like the domain election.us.com I would be glad to transfer it to someone who would make good use of it at no charge.
commented 2011-04-04 16:20:17 -0400
I would like to help in some way but right now I am illiterate on Facebook, Twitter and I do not understand how to Blog but I want to learn and in the meantime, is there a way to volunteer and support this effort? I would like to see this be the answer to the Tea Party that is ruining our country and what it stands for because they are being supported by the crazies and the rich who want to get richer on our backs. They do not get the damage they are doing, some may be well intentioned but most are just not well informed, some are just nuts. That doesn’t make for a party to help solve Americas issues but rather make them worse and the Republicans are so fractured and self indulgent they are not effective any more. It is up to the Democrats and Independents to solve our problems and they need to get resolve and get tough or they will fail also.
commented 2011-03-24 23:02:11 -0400
I would like to know if the Job Party would consider sending an e-mail to Job Party supporters about my campaign for Governor in Wisconsin. I am pro-union and pro-jobs. I am also a Democrat. My website is http://www.AsherForWisconsin.com and I am officially filed with the State of Wisconsin to raise money.
commented 2011-03-21 16:30:52 -0400
Support the NATIONAL MARCH FOR JOBS April 2nd 2011

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Trying to use “Speak Out”. Asks me to login, did so 3 times but will not allow me to continue.
commented 2011-03-17 15:30:37 -0400
I really like the pro active actions and comments posted. I would like to attend the next rally, however, I don’t see it posted in the “Events” section. Would you kindly email me that information? I think links to published articles that educate the public about how the middle class is being scapegoated to explain our national debt when the finger should be pointed at Wall Street greed and corporate welfare should be posted on your website. Perhaps even have speakers….If the public were truly informed, we’d all be carrying signs! Someone like Matt Taibii comes to mind. His recent article in the Rolling Stones was written for folks like me who didn’t understand how the real estate bubble was a huge FRAUD! The fraud was meant to be multilayered and complex to keep us quiet. The more is revealed in simplified terms, the more angry and active people will become. I think this would be a good strategy. Keep up the great work!
commented 2011-03-13 22:01:08 -0400
Become a third party…grow a pair…we need a voice!
commented 2011-03-13 21:58:10 -0400
If you become a party of the people

If you try to right the wrongs of the greedy corporates

Count me in…Run some candidates and count me in.

…if this is just another blog…don’t need to waste my time…
commented 2011-03-13 11:37:36 -0400
please allow me to join your efforts
commented 2011-03-11 20:41:15 -0500
some of the money that the teacher’s union pay into their pension fund go to the Kosh company. That a real laugh.


This nation is a republic, not a democracy. You’ve been brainwashed all your life. Even Jefferson hated democracy. Look it up. Study that. Under Carter public union was dismantled and Regan wiped out airline union. People should not be forced to pay dues or join a union to have a job.

There is not four branches of govt.- Executive, legislative, judicial, and unions. Collective bargaining is not a human right and not protected under the constitution. Pulic unions are bankrupting the private sector.
commented 2011-03-11 19:50:44 -0500
Hi. I want USA JOB Party WPA 21 merchandise, like a cap or t-shirt.
commented 2011-03-11 17:12:39 -0500
I truly believe that there a few CEO’s in this country who would be willing to do the right thing if they could. There is appearently a law which somehow states that a corporation MUST do everything possible to provide shareholders with a profit. Can we find that law and work to repeal it? This may not be a cure but it could open a door for us to re-prioritize the way American companies do business.
commented 2011-03-11 14:40:50 -0500
I would like to contribute, but I don’t want to use a credit card. Can I send you a check?

If so, how?
commented 2011-03-06 11:35:40 -0500
Please get the word out about the NATIONAL MARCH ON JOBS Saturday April 2nd…in hometowns all across America.

commented 2011-02-26 15:57:35 -0500
My little boy Omar was lent a “Cheesehead” foam hat at the NYC rally today. We looked for your group later, to return it, but couldn’t find you all. Let us know how to return it. Do you have an office in NYC? Will there be another rally? We’re likely to show up again. :)
commented 2011-02-25 16:28:22 -0500
Your registration pages are not user friendly for me.
commented 2011-02-24 15:20:07 -0500
Here is a letter I wrote to the local paper in Olympia, Wa …feel free to use:

Why do conservatives break out in a cold sweat over the current deficit yet never questioned the historic deficits attributed to Reagan-Bush? Republican squires speak about a Pledge to America to cut $100 billion but they won’t cut off the 107.3 billion spent in corrupt Afghanistan? Folks, it is clearly not about the spending, but rather who ends up with the money.

The trickle-downers won’t talk about taxing the incomes of elites. Why is that solution off the table if we are in such dire straits? They never demand sacrifices from the rich, only the poor and middle class.

Say NO to the deficit rhetoric and demand that our tax money goes to people first and profiteers second. Demand that the wealthy pay their share! Don’t let them shock-and-awe you into dismantling programs that protect your retirement, health care, safety, education, environment, and your job.

This new breed of Reverse Robin Hoodlums are taking from the many and giving to the few. War is being waged upon us all. Don’t expect the Obamacrats to defend you. We need to borrow a page from the brave people in Cairo Egypt and Madison, Wisconsin.
commented 2011-02-23 23:23:27 -0500
hey guys, i’m a WI expat and was at the cheesehead rally last week (red dress)

we just released a politi-parody stop motion music video, addresses the union busting in WI, enjoy:

commented 2011-02-23 11:35:17 -0500
Hi. Was at both Cheesehead Rallys and they were great. Yesterday’s turnout was inspiring. Are you posting any pics or video?

I have a couple pics if you’d like. Keep up the fight. See you at the next one!
commented 2011-02-22 21:17:10 -0500
Dear Job Party,

My name is Melody Lee, I am an intern at Brandworkers International, a New York based not-for-profit organization that works to empower retail and food employees to win justice on the job and in the community through social change. We are among dozens of organizations around the country collaborating through an emerging network called May Day United to promote a national outpouring of working people on May 1, 2011. The network is uniting worker and community-based organizations around solutions to the hardships facing working families and against escalating attacks on the rights of workers, especially immigrants and workers of color.

Through organizing, compelling digital and print materials, and increased national coordination, the network will seek to increase awareness and participation in existing May Day actions and encourage a spirited type of participation along the lines of 2006. To be clear, we’re not seeking to organize protests or compete with existing protest efforts, but to facilitate collaboration.

Below I have pasted the Call to Action, drafted over the past couple of weeks by the working group trying to get this network off the ground. Please share this Call with the Job Party and with other organizations who you think should be involved with this national network. We hope that your organization will sign on to the call and enter into collaboration with other groups around the country through May Day United, so that we might all work together to make May Day a more powerful day of action in the United States.

Thank you very much and I hope we can work together on this project.

In Solidarity,

Melody Lee

May Day United—Call to Action

This is a call to join a network of worker centers, community organizations, and labor unions to increase national participation and power on May Day 2011 to win good jobs, legalization, and equality for every worker. As we all know, Congress and state governments across the nation have begun to wage a relentless attack against all workers this year and in years to come, especially immigrant workers and workers of color. At the same time, the remarkable energy, turnout, and spirit seen five years ago on May 1, 2006 has yet to be duplicated.

Stagnant and falling wages, lingering unemployment, and escalating attacks on immigrant workers and the right of all workers to organize call for an outpouring of energy and action in the United States on May 1, 2011. A powerful grassroots movement can win fair-paying jobs and equality while defending against the expansion of Arizona-style racial-profiling laws, rampant firings, workplace raids, deportations, and the downward economic spiral confronting US working families. To that end, we invite you to support and participate in the May Day United network along the following principles of unity:

1) Supporting increased participation in May Day 2011 actions and supporting local groups in organizing May Day actions where they do not yet exist.

2) Encouraging workers to request May 1st off, or for workers interested in striking, providing organizing and legal support in advance of May Day as well as comprehensive solidarity in the event of retaliation.

3) Calling for- a) Jobs for all and legalization for all, b) The right to organize and true equality for every worker.

To embrace this call, please e-mail info@maydayunited.org or call Jen Waller at 510-326-3652.
commented 2011-02-21 15:40:47 -0500
Hello. I operate a blog whose goal is to help the 99er community with research and with legislative advocacy: http://helpthe99ers.blogspot.com/

As part of the blog’s advocacy efforts, I’ve come across a tool that may play a game-changing role in our ability to communicate with Congress.

It’s called POPVOX: https://www.popvox.com/

I’d ask you to take a moment to review the site. Specifically, please take a moment to look at the POPVOX Bill Report for H.R 589, which would provide extended benefits for the long-term unemployed and benefit exhaustees, including those of us known as the 99ers:


I would ask the Job Party to become an endorsing organization, and with your permission, would also like to post a message on the SpeakOut page, asking Job Party members to add their voices in support of this bill.

Thank you very much,

Victor Abrahamsen

commented 2011-02-18 09:08:12 -0500
Thank you for your support of the unionists and citzens who are fighting Scott Walker in Madison. We’re holding a picture of you in our mind as we stand amidst the 30000 protesters who have engulfed the state capitol for four days. It’s like you are HERE!

Build jobs! Don’t destroy them!
commented 2011-02-15 17:24:39 -0500
How about a new approach to creating jobs, long-term, here? We do need to actually DO something. Please tell me what you think? Thanks. Kim
We’re All In This Together, Again
A New Industrial Policy for America in the Global Economy Age
How do we positively alter the course of economic events, for the whole US economy? Is it too obvious to suggest that merely more-of what-got-us-here isn’t going to work? How did we get here as a great country? What has fundamentally happened to our lives, the hopes and aspirations of our citizens, indeed the American Dream itself?
What has been the underlying effect of the global economy on our whole country? There have been many fortunes made in the USA. I think of the Melon’s, the Carnegie’s, the DuPont’s, the Rockefeller’s and many more. Please note that those tended to occur in the time of a predominantly national economy. Meaning? That they employed, in the process of making those huge fortunes, many Americans. And that was our formula for success: entrepreneurial drive combined with a good work ethic. It formed a social compact that was strong enough to take us to the top of the global pinnacle. The crucial dimension in that? Capital and Labor felt that they needed each other, and together we built a standard of living that was the envy of the whole world. Is there anything more powerful in terms of human civilization than the perception of a mutual interest, or a lack of it?
Enter? The global economy, and US lead efforts towards free trade. The reaction? U.S. Big Business concluded that it could make more money, faster, with a new plan. And that would be? “Build it somewhere else” and then Sell-it-Here. Often times that “somewhere else” is a place where environmental law, labor laws and human rights and more are lax. In the long-term trend of closing plants, and only maintaining sales, marketing and distribution staffs here, many average Americans lost good-paying jobs over the last decades. Yes, this plan has a fundamental schism between Capital and (US) Labor. It breaks that previous common interest that was powerful enough to bring general prosperity to most Americans. It’s that an underlying context that must be restored, in an effective way? Why? I don’t know how much more of this steady decline our citizens should be expected to endure? Our very standard of living is slipping, and everybody knows it. So let’s really talk about it, and then actually do something.
You might be thinking “easy statement to make, and too hard to do?” I will not sell-out our American future with such a cynical and resigned reaction and hide behind a pretense of that being “smart.” Don’t we all have too much at stake for that? The best answers are always at least simple in concept? So, put-up or shut-up? What’s my approach, suggested for our mutual consideration? It is both a new stated policy and also requires at least one new piece of legislation.
That new policy? “We’re all in this together, again.” Looking at history, our country has quite an achievement record, when that really is true. Think of how we pulled together for the Manhattan Project as a turning point in WWII, and then the Space Race during the Cold War. I’ll let the facts and the results speak for themselves.
The new legislation? First I’d want some solid work by economists and mathematicians. The fundamental precept? “If you want to sell here, you will employ here.” This happens all over the world, look at China’s requirement that you have a local partner to sell there. I’m not suggesting import duties, just that turn-about is only fairplay. Don’t you agree? So I’m proposing that there be a formula, or algorithm, that equates sales/revenue with a reasonable minimum level of employment, with a tax if you don’t meet the threshold. It’s undeniable that the trillions of dollars that have left our economy for overseas, at the expense of the incomes of US workers, has been disasterous. I leave it to experts in the field to design an intelligent set of formulas and rules. This would, if anything, help small businesses, too; they weren’t shipping lots of jobs overseas in the first place.
Business does love certainty, and this depends on this working for them, as well. So? I’d consider having this go into effect in the future, say 2015. Why? To give them time to adjust. Given the track record of American Big Business for maximizing their own results, I’d predict many will move some jobs back before then, and avoid the tax. They’ll see Labor as a Stakeholder once again, and this will provide that cohesive basis for on-going progress here at home. I have every faith in the smarts of American business to optimize at whatever the real rules are, we must insist that our leadership provide that optimal incentive. Don’t like this new rule? The US is too big a marketplace

to walk away from, that provides a “make it work” imperative.

Page Two

What if they really don’t want to employ those people? Then they can just pay the tax. We’ll use that revenue to offset the economic damage that is occuring from allowing this “just want-to-take-out, but don’t-want-to-put-in” approach that has reached a level that is costing all of us, and the American Dream, so dearly. Given the consistent evidence of the deterioration of our prosperity over recent decades, isn’t this as close as anything gets to being an inarguable point in economics? Would you dispute that a more effective consideration of the interests of all the stakeholders isn’t a proven road to more durable and positive outcomes for everyone? I assert: once that consideration has truly been put back into place again, then… and only then… let’s, as they say, “get out of the way.”

Yes, this would do nothing less than bring the interests of Capital and Labor back into some working, effective, alignment again. That’s the key principle. It’s just more proof of the old adage “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” So let’s put that proven foundation back in, and get our great country back on the road to prosperity again. Let’s get back to growing the overall “pie” and we’ll have the revenues to deal with all sorts of pressing issues. Would you be willing to take a stand for that outcome? Or? We can continue to do what we’ve been doing, and get even more of what we’re currently getting? Do you really want to continue further down this negative path, with the angry rhetoric of the ugly “pie dividing” game we seem trapped in right now? The choice is all of ours to make, indeed it is our collective responsibility in the epic “we the people” country our Founding Fathers charged us with preserving and defending. This could be a new US industrial policy for the twenty-first century global economy age, one in which we face our challenges united once again… and as our history portends, then let nobody bet against us!

K.J.Crumb, 2010

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