Beyond Obama

President Obama has surrendered to rightwing Republicans and abandoned progressive policies too many times:

  • No job creation program for 14 million unemployed Americans
  • No public option for healthcare reform
  • Extending Bush's tax cuts for the rich at a two-year cost of $858 billion
  • Allowing banks to foreclose on fraudulent mortgages and refusing to prosecute bank fraud
  • Keeping 50,000 troops in Iraq and adding 100,000 troops in Afghanistan at an annual cost of $160 billion
  • Keeping Guantanamo open and using military commissions instead of courts to try terrorists
  • Increasing wasteful Pentagon spending
  • Expanding catastrophe-prone deep water oil drilling and nuclear power

If President Obama continues to surrender to Republicans, he will:

  • Eliminate of funding for PBS, NPR, and Planned Parenthood
  • Replace Medicare guarantees with vouchers that could become worthless
  • Replace Social Security guarantees with Wall Street funds that could become worthless
  • Slash Medicaid for the poor
  • Slash public school teachers
  • Abandon global warming regulation

These dangers are so profound that progressives must consider alternatives to President Obama. Below are some of the best progressive leaders who meet the qualifications for President - born in the U.S. and over 35.

Would you support any of these leaders in a Democratic primary against President Obama? To cast a vote, click on the name, click Yes/Maybe/No, then click "Beyond Obama" at the top to review the rest of the list.

You can also nominate an outstanding leader who deserves consideration.

Jill Stein

Green Party candidate with good track record. The Green Party has been extremely consistent in its support of workers and their rights.

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Primary challenge could help GOP win back White House hurt us

I've studied history and I know in the 1980 Presidential election the late Senator Ted Kennedy at the time challenged President Jimmy Carter's bid to run for re-election on the Democratic ticket as a primary challenger. Although Carter still won the primary he lost to Ronald Reagan in the general election. Let us not engage in divisive primary challenges that make it harder to keep the White House in 2012. All candidates suggested are good but if President Obama is primary challenged it is doubtful any of his primary challengers would beat him and worry Republicans would benefit by winning the general election. President Obama in a way is being smart to govern as a centrist to win back more support. It is not enough to win the Democratic vote he has to win back Independent voters to win re-election who are moderate and not too far to the left or right. So no I would not support a primary challenge to the President as it would threaten our chances of holding on to the White House in the 2012 Presidential election. If President Obama loses anyway that would be unfortunate but at least its not because we messed up by primary challenging him and if he wins that's great. 

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Tom Perriello

He was a former congressman from Virginia. He took no money from corporate america and fought for us little people! I think he would be good for the US

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Bernie Sanders

this man has the right correct attitude.

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Ralph Nader

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Cynthia McKinney

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Eliot Spitzer

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Sheila Colleen Bair

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Elizabeth Warren

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Anthony Weiner

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Bill Moyers

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Matt Stoller

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Cornel West

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John Nichols

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Elizabeth Warren

I think the Republicons are scared to death of Elizabeth Warren and I believe she would fight for average Americans. She is a woman who refuses to be threatened by anyone and does not back down. She has a lot of experience and she has my vote. 

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Elizabeth Warren

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Raúl Grijalva

Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva, Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, has shown the courage of his convictions and a progressive vision for our country that searches for peace as an alternative to war, and for fairness in our politics and our economics.

I would especially call attention to the fact that Rep. Grijalva supported a boycott of his own State of Arizona when the State government there enacted punitive legislation that was clearly anti-human rights.  That is the mark of a Statesman, rather than just another political hack.

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Bill Bradley

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Dean Baker

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Paul Krugman

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