The Job Party is a nationwide grassroots movement dedicated to creating 14 million jobs - one for every unemployed American.

If you are unemployed, or know someone who is, please tell us your story so we can convince Washington we need jobs now.

The centerpiece of our efforts will be a Job Party Bill that we are drafting with the help of the best economic thinkers we can find - including you.

In 2011, we will lobby the Tea Party Congress to pass our bill to create 15 million jobs. And if they refuse, will recruit Job Party candidates to run against them on existing ballot lines in 2012. (The Job Party isn't a third party and we won't seek a ballot line.)

In 2010, we saw what a grassroots movement like the Tea Party can accomplish. Move over, Tea Party - It's Time for a Job Party.

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Job Party: because America needs 15 million jobs NOW

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