#NY2WI Netroots New York In Person & Online Discussion

Netroots New York this weekend will comprise another big step in the relationship between activists in New York and Wisconsin.

There is naturally a strong sense of solidarity between occupiers in the Cheddar and Empire states, but now is the time to further combine forces so that we can better leverage our collective energy and take this movement up a notch.

Our Wisconsin: the Real Story, and Can it Happen Here plenary panel Saturday morning will be fantastic in this vein for laying the foundation.

Then Sunday at 11:15am EST is Occupy Wisconsin & Wall Street: interactive in-person & online discussion, which will be an opportunity to plot out how we can better work together to make it happen.

We have Wisconsinites in town and then others participating online who will be joining the fun from afar, and I'd say that the power of connecting these Wisconsin occupiers to influencers within Occupy Wall Street can not be underestimated.

Look to the #NY2WI hashtag at 11:15am EST Sunday for details as they develop, and to take part in a tweetchat during it to boot!

There will be a variety of ways to take part online in addition to tweeting, as we are working on Skype, livestreaming, Internet radio, and chat options. We did something similar this past Summer that proved to be of great value with our Skype calls from Bloombergville to Walkerville, and then Spain as well.

This discussion couldn’t be more timely, considering that the 500,000+ Walker recall signatures collected comprises over 90% of those needed in under 50% of the time, and that there is a standoff coming at the State Capitol from activists who refuse to abide restrictions on their freedoms.

There is no better example than Wisconsin for how an Internet powered occupation movement effort can be above the electoral, but still impact it. This might be exhibited beyond any shadow of a doubt the very next day actually, as Monday the 19th will be a test of whether Walker really wants to make a mass arrest of peaceful 'Solidarity Singers' right before Christmas based on his unconstitutional farce of an attempt to abridge freedom-of-speech in the Capitol.

So join us Sunday morning in person or via the #NY2WI tag and the options extending from it!

Hope to see you there in person or online.

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Exactly where we need to be. Bringing ever closer together into one bloc, with the intention of forcing much-needed change, those of the Job party, 99%, Labor Movement, Occupy Movement, Coffee party, former middle class, working poor, unemployed, disaffected, unrepresented Dem’s, Repub’s, and Independents… Basically calling together all CONTRARIAN’s- am I right? Let’s DO THIS! http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/203338803063765/
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Job Party: because America needs 15 million jobs NOW

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